Terms of cooperation

What are the conditions for cooperation?

We do not have standard terms of cooperation, all of the clients are individual. We practice customer protection from the competition (one partner in the city), always looking for new customers and ready for operational work!

How to place an order?

The order can be made out in the free form, as you wish: to send a message to our e-mail, call our administrator, send a message through Viber, Whatsapp or through soc.networks. Important to specify the model number carefully, color, size and number.

We work by the prepayment. After discussing all the details of the order, you will need to send us 50% of the advance payment. After that, we will give you an individual order number, and we will send dresses to production. When the order is ready, we will contact you immediately. Further, after receiving the second part of the payment – we will transfer your order to the transport company.

How do we work: Wholesale or Retail?

We are wholesale manufacturers and are set to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. The minimum number of wedding and evening dresses in one order should be at least 3 pieces. For new customers there is an opportunity to have a trial order to review the quality of our products.

What are the terms of the order?

It depends on the seasonal workload periods. Our manager and delivery company will orient you. We always try to work very quickly and cater to all our clients.

Can there be an additions or changes in the models

We understand you, and we know that there are individual brides, who wants to be unique on their celebration! Therefore, we assume the possibility of changing, for a payment, in different models: sleeve length, dress length, color (can be illuminated).

What sizes are avaliable? What dimensional grid? Are larger sizes possible?

We are working with standard sizes from 42 to 48. When you are ordering an outsized product there is an administrator, who will calculate an additional charge.

Is it possible to tailoring to individual measures?

It is possible, but the price of the model will change significantly, all the details are discussed individually with the administrator.

Do you have dresses in stock?

We do not have the stock, in the presence we do not have finished products, every production orders are dispatched after payment.

Do you have any evening dress?

Our site presents a huge range of different models of evening dresses.

How does the delivery work?

For the worldwide delivery, we use the diferent transport companies. This information is discussing individually.

How much is the delivery cost?

Mailing cost assumed by the client, all the details discussed with the manager! Shipping cost depends on the number of dresses, their weight, as well as the rates of the carrier company.

Will I get a quality product?

Yes, you will. Thanks to the hard work and experience, we guarantee our customers a quality product!


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