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Lace, as an element of a wedding dress, has long been used in modern fashion. Since 15th century lace was used to make ceremonial dresses for brides of royal families.

Therefore, until now, dresses with lace are considered a truly beautiful and worthy outfit for the true princesses.

Types of lace wedding dresses

Lace dresses look sufficient and, thus, the image of the bride does not require additional decorations. Laces differ, depending on the technique of their manufacture. There are several main types of lace:

  • macrame;
  • tatting;
  • thread lace;
  • Irish lace and others.

They are used in various types of wedding dresses. Lace is used in lush classic models, in conservative straight styles, in mermaid or godet dresses. Each of these types can be made using a certain lace element. A lace corset looks advantageous with a puffy dress. Lace is also used for a multi-layered skirt. It makes the image extra romantic and fragile. 

Fishtail or mermaid dresses with a tight top and flared godet skirt are considered to be a bold option. Elegant outfit can be beautifully trimmed with lace. Closed models with long lace sleeves look beautiful and elegant. The ease of aristocratic fabric will only emphasize the extravagant outfit and make it elegant. This type of dress is created for the owners of hourglass body shape. And with lace, the dress of this style will just open the maximum of femininity in a bride.  

Straight wedding dresses always differ in simplicity and are as elegant as other styles. Lace elements can add flamboyancy to such dresses. A very successful design solution is to use lace inserts on the back or add lace to the drapery at the dress bottom. 

Lacy wedding dresses will never go out of fashion, and lace decorations will always be in a trend. The company Vasylkov, like no other, knows this. Therefore, there are wedding dresses of all kinds in the catalog of products, which you can buy wholesale by pre-ordering the delivery. It is very convenient for large enterprises and wedding salons that want to stand out in the wedding market. With extensive collection of the brand Vasylkov, this will be easier. Develop your business with us!

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