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Every bride wants to feel like a queen on her happiest day. One cannot achieve this desire without a lush wedding dress, emphasizing the solemnity of the holiday.

One can not argue with the fact: a puffy skirt of a wedding dress is an indispensable attribute of a truly royal wedding. This is a classic option for connoisseurs of luxury and pomposity.

Whom will they fit?

Lush wedding dresses can be completely different: from classic chic models with a long train to rebel, non-standard short outfits with a tutu, like ballerinas. Tops of such dresses vary as well: open and closed, with a large neckline or with a standard collar... The material can vary as well. Satin, lace and sateen dresses have often a puffy bottom. Silk, lace models are also in demand and popular. 

It seems that a puffy wedding dress should suit every girl, regardless of her growth or type of figure. But not everything is so simple. Some ladies need to be careful when choosing a puffy dress, so as not to look ridiculous. Whom exactly will this kind of decoration fit:

  • tall, slender girls: they will shine in all their beauty;
  • brides with wide hips, who prefer to hide this bodyshape feature under a multi-layered skirt;
  • girls with "apple" body shape: a gorgeous dress will help eliminate the imbalance between the broad shoulders and narrow hips, preserving the proportions due to a puffy skirt.

Petite girls do not prefer to choose this dress style. A bride with a height of less than 160 centimeters will look a bit comically in a too puffy outfit. But if she still wants to adhere to the classics of the wedding genre, then an A-line dress is just what she needs. Ladies with curvy forms will also refuse such a dress: otherwise it visually adds an undesirable extra volume. Stylists recommend taking a closer look at models that fit the figure and advantageously present problem areas.

Where to buy a perfect wedding gown?

If you like puffy wedding dresses, then the brand Vasylkov gladly presents its collection 2018 to you! Actual and fresh new arrivals of the wedding world are available for you. And the owners of wedding salons and shops are offered to purchase them wholesale, this will make business more successful and profitable. Original and exclusive models are waiting for you!

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