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Runways of the High Fashion weeks do not cease to amaze with the abundance of novelties. But, as one proven proverb says, what is old is new again. Famous fashion designers in this season, in addition to a bright and rich color palette, use even more muted shades - pastel shades.

This tendency is especially noticeable in evening dresses. Designers of Vasylkov also march in step with the fashionable world, so we are ready to present the designer pastel evening dresses. We will talk about their peculiarities in this Article.

As the style is chosen, next comes the color - the second parameter used to select the clothes. In order to choose among pastel colors, it is worthwhile to firstly note separately, what shades are named so. Here they are:

  • peach;
  • champagne;
  • coral;
  • coffee with milk;
  • dusty pink;
  • ivory;
  • mint;
  • caramel creme, etc.

Pastel evening dresses are not just products that are colored close to the skintone. In fact, any color can become pastel when dulled with a white pigment. By adding it to all twelve basic colors, we will get all the same pastel, warm and cool tones.

Evening dresses in pastel shades look on girls incredibly beautiful. They, like paintings by European impressionists - Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Pissarro and Renoir - carry a light, joyful and serene mood.

Pastel evening dresses: whom will they fit

If you decide to buy evening dresses wholesale, you need to know what kind of girls do they fit. In this way you will not only expand the range of products offered, but also help the gentle sex to choose outfit in which they will attract the enthusiastic views of others. If the height of a girl exceeds 175 centimeters, stylists recommend using pastel shades carefully. They are able to visually add growth and volume. The same is with curvy ladies. And the not-too-high skinny girls feel themselves in such dresses as best.

Evening dresses 2019 wholesale from Vasylkov is elegance, luxury and elegance. The palette of styles of the new collection includes enchanting silhouettes, light and airy fabrics, as well as the best sewing accessories. Discover how to cooperate with the true masters of their craft! With us you will choose evening dresses of pastel tones wholesale at the best prices, which will not only increase your profit but also provide your clients with positive emotions!

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