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Vasylkov brand announced itself loudly in 2013. During this time, more than a dozen of fashion collections of dresses for festive occasions, a large number of accessories were manufactured.

Designers of the company take part in fashion shows in Ukraine and abroad, where their products are given awards, certificates for high quality.

Elegant evening and wedding dresses presented by Vasylkov brand are piquant classic models. Girls who prefer traditional festive clothes with exclusive original details, will appreciate these products. Masters tailor products at a European level, use quality fabrics and imported garment accessories. Everything that the trademark offers is presented on the website Every thing “alive” is exactly the same as it looks in the photo.

Beauty from Ukrainian designers

Actual fashion trends with the addition of elegant "highlights" are embodied in each model, which is manufactured by Vasylkov brand. Fashionable series consist of wedding, cocktail dresses of various styles and lengths, outfits for graduation balls, children’s matinees. Products are complemented by handmade accessories: diadems, crowns, headbands, belts. The original look of stylish pelerines, coats, capes, different types of veils create unique images.

Vasylkov brand prefers classical styles (A-line, mermaid, princess, trapeze), colors and fabrics.  Designers of the company use noble atlas, airy taffeta, translucent organza, crotched veiling, delicate silk to create their masterpieces. Masters are very fond of lace. Most of the outfits are decorated with a magnificent openwork cloth.

Wedding dresses are not only white, but dairy, tender pink, mint, peach tones are also included in the collections. Palette of evening dresses is bright, juicy, diverse – outfits of red, green, blue, burgundy, purple, emerald, blue, black colors are strikingly rich of shades.

Vasylkov features

Although the styles, fabrics, colors of the products are traditional, all the models are different – no two identical or similar dresses can be found. A key feature is a large size series. Vasylkov does not consider standard podium proportions ideal, therefore it manufactures outfits for both slender and curvy ladies.  Girls will feel like goddesses at weddings, graduation parties, romantic meetings, anniversaries and other solemn events, if choose dresses of the company.

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