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If you are interested in buying wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer, then you have come to the right place, as our company Vasylkov sells the designer dresses for salons all over the world.

Our distinctive feature is the combination of high quality and attractive prices.

 Dresses from the Ukrainian manufacturer

A wedding is an event, which goes without saying about its importance; the main garment associated with this celebration is a wedding dress that basically defines a bride's image. Such a product should be good enough from each side: both practical and aesthetic. It is quite possible to achieve this, if to approach the process of producing dresses taking into account all the technical nuances and laws of beauty.

We carry out production with the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology, which determines the inegrity and durability of our products. An important factor – direct tactile interaction determining the degree of dress comfort – is also taken into consideration.

Designers follow modern trends, but do not forget about classical canons; that is why our dresses combine the best features. They will please anyone who looks at them with no exception; elegant performance is a main feature of each model.

Our advantages

Prices for wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer (Ukraine) in our store are extremely attractive and adequate in view of orientation towards the customer focus policy. Even on the background the wholesale sector, where the prices are in a favorable way different from retail prices, we got the upside. You check this by comparing our prices with the prices of our competitors.

We form the assortment in such a way that each person guided by own tastes and needs could find suitable dress among wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer (Ukraine). The models are of different style and size. Delivery is performed promptly and is always on time.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

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