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In order for the wedding salon to develop and constantly make a profit, a balanced approach to creating a business strategy is required.

Brides spend hours, days, and sometimes months looking through dozens and hundreds of models and styles of dresses to choose their special attire. Therefore, it is natural – the wider the assortment of a salon is, the more likely the girl will make a purchase there. And there is no other more rational solution than the purchase of the best models of wedding dresses wholesale.

The manufacturer of evening and wedding dresses Vasylkov is ready to help your business. A well-coordinated and experienced team of fashion couturiers and designers is working on the creation of each collection, which gladly provides you wedding dresses wholesale. You can buy best models as you finish reading this article.

Current new products of the upcoming season

Courage with a slight bold, but gentle touch is a mood in the world of wedding fashion, which is as trendy, as never before. Top popular features are: open shoulders and back, deep decolletes, volumetric appliqués and patterns, two-piece garments, decorative inserts of contrasting tones (black gloves, belts, bows on a snow-white dress, etc.), bright and saturated colors in addition to classic white and ivory.

The new collections – Matera Campaign, Exclusive La Vie Divine, Marmaris Haute Couture – fully reveal popular trends in the world of wedding dresses fashion:

  • deep V-neckline: cutouts that sometimes reach the navel – the choice of confident young ladies, who are not shy of the beauty of their body. Seducing must be right, therefore all seams are made with mathematical precision and are perfectly symmetrical;
  • open shoulders: open top significantly adds delicacy on the brink of fragility and defenselessness to the image of a bride. The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest-2017 – Jamala –preferred this style for her wedding ceremony. Therefore, the trend successfully passed to the following collections;
  • 3D, or volumetric appliques – a fashionable and fresh way to emphasize the luxuriousness of a wedding dress. 3D details will give the dress a luxurious and rich look, without shifting the accents of the outfit style in general.

One can write not just a modest article, but a whole book on modern fashion trends. And in order to fully enjoy their mood, it's better to see with own eyes how they are embodied as our products. The best models of wedding dresses wholesale are waiting for you here. We always look forward to your visit!

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