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New wedding dresses


Only twenty or thirty years ago, the bride wore dresses in a simple, minimalist style. Now fashions for brides develop fashion-designers, and modern wedding dresses have amazing variety of models.

Marriage is for every girl the most important event in her life. On this day she wants to look perfect even in small things, and luxurious dress to impress future spouse and guests. To groom looked elegant, the creators of carefully selected styles, colors and decorative elements and draw tens of sketches. Every year new models are becoming more original.

The girls who do not want to keep up with fashion, interested in the latest trends in wedding dresses solemn. The new models will suit the ladies, accustomed to being the center of attention.

The manufacturer Vasylkov claims that wedding dress of the upcoming season will be different and fitting, and traditional silhouettes with lush skirts. Bride in white satin dress with royal drapes on the shoulders like porcelain dolls. Transparent tulle in small crystals, snowflakes are not able to hide the neckline and elegant bare back, but give the image of a graceful ease.

Sheath dress with elegant shoes on high heels make a graceful silhouette and slim. Exquisite jewelry will shine more detail, which will emphasize the fragile image.

New wedding dresses of this season with a predominance of form-fitting silhouettes and long trains, create an image of a mermaid bride. A few seasons out of fashion lace and delicate embroidery with predominance of floral motifs.

The charm of spring gives a romantic image of the bride. Their slender figures underline weightless wedding dresses, new items, sozdannyeiz flowing silk. In these collections dominates the silhouette of a mermaid, which is incredibly popular in this season.

Fortunately complement the image of the bride well-chosen details, accessories and skillful makeup.

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