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The wedding dress of your dreams!


Elegant, refined silhouettes, lush multi-layered skirt, sexy corsets and delicate lace. Online store of wedding dresses Vasylkov help any bride to be a desirable and irresistible on the day of his wedding. Only here you will find more than 400 models to meet not only your preferences but also the latest fashion trends.

Wedding dresses - is not the only direction in which the work of our masters. Fine tiaras, headbands and hair clips made of iridescent in the sun crystals decorate any, even the simplest hairstyle. Fans of innocent images will like veils catalog of both conventional and lace. And those who appointed the most magical day of your life in the winter, be sure will warm our elegant fur coat.

If you are planning a wedding in one color, but just can not find suitable outfits for the bridesmaids, it does not matter. In the store you are sure will pick Vasylkov beautiful evening dresses of various styles. Short corset, long tight, strict and sexy - the choice you will go all around the head. But do not worry! Our consultants will help determine not only the colors and patterns, but also remake outfits to suit your taste. And even if you want "the same, but with pearl buttons," we will embody your dreams into reality.

Choose only the best!

We choose the thousands of brides from different parts of the country and the world, not because we have worked for many years in this industry. And not even because for 3 years, our bridal salon receives prestigious awards for their participation in the international exhibitions of wedding fashion. Our client know what to buy a wedding dress can be in any specialty store. But to make a solemn day fairy tale, which will be nice to remember a few decades, few people can. That is why women prefer to buy dresses and lace wedding dresses for little princesses, nieces interior Vasylkov.

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