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Wedding dresses in Moscow from manufacturer


Wedding fashion at all times became crown collections of famous couturier. Neither fashion show today is not complete without a demonstration of wedding dresses that are admirable in modern fashionistas. After receiving a marriage proposal, the first of which takes the bride - is the choice of dress, which she had long dreamed of.

Company TM Vasylkov invites everyone to visit its website and plunge into the magic world of chic dresses, designed for the most demanding days in the life of every young lady. We offer to choose wedding dresses from the manufacturers of Ukraine, which meet all the requirements for the products of this segment. Using high-quality sewing equipment, following the latest fashion trends, a team of professionals creates original and stylish collection of wedding dresses that are either no way inferior to products from well-known designers.

Today, on the spaces of the Internet quite a lot of proposals to purchase unique wedding dress at an affordable price. But it often happens that to get the vending model is impossible because of the territorial remoteness of the shop. TM Vasylkov doing everything possible to buy a wedding dress in Moscow, while the site of the Ukrainian company, it became a reality. Long-term cooperation with many carriers breaks all boundaries and overcome distances of thousands of kilometers to every bride appeared in front of everyone in the most romantic and luxurious dress.

Order wedding dress wholesale in Moscow

Choosing a wedding dress in Moscow, girls often faced with unjustified high cost of the dress. TM Vasylkov is the manufacturer of wedding dresses, and so loyal pricing policy will surprise our clients. With convenient service site, you can review each model in detail from all angles. Dresses from the collection "Spring Charm" will not go unnoticed romantic nature, the model of "The Shining crystals" line lovers will appreciate the brightness and flicker.

We offer to purchase a wedding dress from Ukraine, which is to create a team of talented and creative craftswomen working daily to every girl was able to realize his dream - to one day become a princess from a fairy tale.

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