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Divine beauty, or why the Greek wedding dresses are so popular


The white flowing fabric beautifully drapes the figure, create a refined silhouette. The modern version of dresses, invented in antiquity, have now become a hit fashion for brides.

Why choose a Grecian dress?

Wedding dresses Greek style fit absolutely everything. Their characteristic features are high-waisted long skirt and an open top. The silhouette will allow you to visually lengthen your legs and distract attention from the hips and waist and carries the main accent on the chest.

The owner of a small bust also have good reason to look at the dresses in the antique style. They just need to stop the choice on models, the top of which is made from thicker or textured material than the skirt. The blouson bodice, some draping – and here you already see in the mirror perfectly harmonious figure.

Those brides who have decided to buy Grecian wedding dress, in the solemn day, be happy your choice. Models in the style of “Empire” does not have a rigid corsets, not constrain movements, they can move freely and gracefully.

Jewelry for dresses Greek style

Greek wedding dress traditionally is made of lightweight flowing fabric in white or beige. Its main attraction are the beautiful soft folds of the skirt.

The model can be supplemented with decorative band of contrasting fabric or metal. True look unusual details on the straps and bodice. To create them using lace, pearls or ribbon. Complete the look of long earrings, metallic bracelets and a thin wrap.

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