Divine beauty, or why the Greek wedding dresses are so popular

the White flowing fabric beautifully Drapes the figure, creating a refined silhouette. The modern version of dresses, invented in antiquity, have now become a hit fashion for brides.

Why choose a Grecian dress?

Wedding dresses Greek style fit absolutely everything. Their characteristic features are high-waisted long skirt and an open top. The silhouette will allow you to visually lengthen your legs and distract attention from the hips and waist and carries the main accent on the chest.

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Stylish wedding dresses in Russia from producer

A Selection of dresses for a wedding - it is responsible. The bride must be most beautiful and at the same time feel in the outfit comfortable and natural. Modern manufacturers offer different models of evening wear, from classic to very unusual and original.

Before buy wedding dress, you must decide what style it should be and what color. Traditional white color, but nice soft pink and light blue shades. You should pay attention to the sleeve length. Summer fit model with bare shoulders - so the bride will be easy and comfortable. In winter it is wiser to take a dress with sleeves, especially if part of the activities will take place on the street.

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Wedding dresses in Belarus affordable Ukrainian manufacturer

Wedding fashion follows trends, which for many years dominated the beauty world. Dresses are modified, complemented with the details, but the basic styles remain the same.

Wedding dresses in Belarus, traditionally choose in bright colours, often shades of white. The white dress is chosen for a first marriage. For second marriage, you can buy an outfit in any color. In recent years, the bride combined a remarriage, also prefer the white dress.

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Wedding dresses in Kazakhstan at factory price

Every girl almost from birth, begins to dream about the dress it will look like a fairy Princess. Growing up, the girl realizes that such a possibility will come only on the day of her wedding. Dreaming for years about a magical outfit a thousand times scrolling in the imagination its image, the bride finally dives head first into the sparkling world of wedding dresses.

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Wedding dresses in Moscow from manufacturer

Wedding fashion at all times became crown collections of famous couturier. Neither fashion show today is not complete without a demonstration of wedding dresses that are admirable in modern fashionistas. After receiving a marriage proposal, the first of which takes the bride - is the choice of dress, which she had long dreamed of.

Company TM Vasylkov invites everyone to visit its website and plunge into the magic world of chic dresses, designed for the most demanding days in the life of every young lady. We offer to choose wedding dresses from the manufacturers of Ukraine, which meet all the requirements for the products of this segment. Using high-quality sewing equipment, following the latest fashion trends, a team of professionals creates original and stylish collection of wedding dresses that are either no way inferior to products from well-known designers.

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Is it better or veil accessories?

On the day of her wedding every bride wants to look attractive and elegant. The charm and elegance of bridal veils and accessories will not leave unnoticed its possessor, underscoring the fragile and delicate nature of the girl's soul.

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Unique evening dresses for special occasion

Unique evening dresses for special occasion All the girls without exception, love to dress up. Wearing a beautiful thing, she becomes more confident, radiating positive energy and get lots of positive emotions, feels stylish and elegant. Gone are the days when long dress was appropriate only after sunset. Today ​​evening dresses maxi length can be seen in the events that took place in the daytime . At least once in life to every charming girl raises the question of how to find a dress to outshine all the others?

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Wedding dress - dress welcome in every girl's life

Wedding dress - dress welcome in every girl's life Choose the perfect dress for the wedding party is almost as hard as finding a loved one with whom you want to spend the rest of life. Traditionally, the bride choose ​​wedding dress white color and its shades, because everyone remembers on the belief that states that a different color outfit promises unhappy married life. Paying tribute to customs, and following the latest fashion trends, TM Vasylkov offers to plunge into dizzying collection of dresses for the most important day in the life of every young lady.

A unique fashionable dress for each

The bride, he found himself in front of a difficult choice but the unprecedented beauty products are concerned about the need to hide figure flaws and emphasize the dignity of both. Wedding wedding dresses from the manufacturer of luxury dresses TM Vasylkov designed based on all types of female figures. Gentle finest lace corset to allocate elegantly slender shoulders, the sleeves of guipure hide hands full and stylish silhouette of "mermaid" will emphasize the refined shape and will be advantageous to look at the girl, not very tall.

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Trends in children's wedding fashion 2016: choosing a dress for the little fashionista

Wedding children dress for little fashionistas embody their dream of becoming a beautiful bride in this fairy costume. The variety of styles of wedding fashion in 2016 is reflected in the models presented at our site: from the long flowing dresses with corset to elegant cocktail dresses short. You can easily buy baby dress , taking into account the nature of the girl: to fit fidgets shorter dresses in baby-dollars-style and romantic outfit ankle length elegant fashionistas will approach


The trends in wedding fashion 2016 children's consider the basic directions provided by designers of wedding dresses and evening dresses.

First of all, it is a small sleeve, slightly covering the shoulders and gives the image of femininity and mystery. Additional tiers of the skirt gives it splendor and elegant look, while the narrow waist corset emphasizes and draws attention to the lush skirt. Delicate and light, adorned with handmade lace and rhinestones, children's dresses wholesale in a different design performance represented in the collection of 2016 on our website.

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Wedding coat - white luxury shoulders

White luxury shoulders Most people who received an invitation during the cold season in the solemn event on the occasion of the marriage of relatives or friends, run goose bumps. First there is an idea: what about the fragile bride in an elegant slim lace dress withstand possible weather surprises?

The gentle warm coats - elegant addition wedding dress At the manufacturer of wedding dresses and paraphernalia TM Vasylkov have great news: now brides no longer have to feel cold and shivering in the most important day - a holiday of love, because the frail shoulders will warm white wedding coat. This elegant and well-liked by women garment is available each. Fur products are designed in such a way as to hide the details of the original wedding dress, and in some cases emphasize the dignity of the figure of the bride.Wedding coat, represented on the site, appreciate every fashionista. Furs Delayed collar, long or short sleeves, embroidered with sequins and pearls will be the main highlight of the wedding dress.

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